Medical accessories and spare parts in kenya

Medical accessories and spare parts

We are pleased to offer our customers  Medical accessories and spare parts  high quality durable and at very competitive price , you can order now  medical equipment spare parts ,through our website , we have wide range of medical supplies and healthcare products from different brands and countries,our main target is our client’s satisfaction


Dimetrica Is Ready to Supply Quality Medical Equipment Online,Through

Dimetrica is a trusted Nairobi based medical equipment supplier. This company is using new technology through their website to improve service and only provide medical supplies with the best quality.


Nairobi, September 27, 2017:, a startup medical supplies company in Nairobi, has recently updated its technology to ensure better service and purchasing experience to its customers. It provides myriad high quality health equipment, all of them can be conveniently browsed in its website


The medical industry in Kenya is currently going through various improvements in terms of service as well as technology., with its new technology is confident that it will be able to supply the best medical equipment to the health institutions all across Kenya. Currently, health institutions in Kenya are in high demand of ICU ventilator, oxygen regulator and ultrasound. provides those medical equipments with excellent quality and competitive price.


Customers can visit the company’s website to browse and purchase the latest medical equipment with competitive price. Due to simple layout of the website, the customers can easily compare the price and variation of the products from various brands. Furthermore, also opens online order with secure payment and fast shipment as the sign of its commitment to provide the best service.


“Our goal is to exceed expectations and deliver successful results by offering the highest level of service and products to all our clients. We look forward to serving our customers in the best of our ability in the near future,” said a representative of the company, emphasizing their commitment to be the leading hospital equipment in Kenya.


As a company that provides product for such a crucial and fast moving industry, realizes that the quality of the equipment is extremely important. This is why this company pays attention to the quality of each product it sells. The company always provides the most technologically up to date products to meet the demands and complexity of the health industry. It also offers the highest flexibility to its customers by offering products from various brands with different price range.


About Medical Supplies Kenya is a startup company that committed to supply the best medical equipment to various health institutions and other customers in Kenya. uses the best technology to ensure the customers can find the products they want with ease. As a trustworthy and reliable company, is not only committed to provide the best buying experience, but also complete medical supplies ranging from technological advanced equipment such as anesthesia equipment, endoscope and digital radiography system to various hospital furniture like trolley and bed.


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Dimetrica Medical Supplies and Health Care

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Diametrica  through its website  is keen in establishing a long term business relationship with Health services provider by providing them  with cost effective and efficient solutions for  entire medical and laboratory supplies needs.

We provide high quality products, technical services and customer support to healthcare institutions all around Kenya and beyond.

Our goal is to exceed expectations and deliver successful results by offering highest level of service and products to all our clientele.

Our website  offers a one stop shop for all your medical and lab supply needs including:

v  Theatre and ICU Equipment

v  Maternity and Fetal Equipment

v  General Healthcare Equipment

v  Hospital Furniture

v  Surgical Dressing and Consumables

v  Laboratory Equipment

v  Surgical Instruments -Stainless steel

v  Diagnostic Imaging

v  X-ray Accessories

v  Dialysis Items

v  Emergency Equipment

v  Dental Equipment

Our sole objective and believe is that all health Organizations deserve undivided attention that we offer when working with  and we look forward to serving you in the best of our ability in the near future